We are Artists Women Who Made Their Mark On The World by Kari Herbert

We are Artists Women Who Made Their Mark On The World by Kari Herbert

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We Are Artists celebrates the life and work of 15 female artists from around the globe and the distinctive mark they made on the art world and beyond. Presented as a collection of engaging biographical narratives, We Are Artists reveals how each artist's unique approach and perspective provided the art world and society at large with a new way of seeing things. It places the spotlight on women painters, sculptors, printmakers, illustrators, designers and craftswomen, who all too often are left out of history and art history books for children. Through their personal stories, readers will come to know the circles and art movements each artist worked in, and the influence they exerted on both the art world and society as a whole.

Following in the wake of the Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls phenomenon, We Are Artists is aimed at inspiring young readers and aspiring artists, no matter what their gender, to find their own unique way of making a contribution to the world.

About the Author

Kari Herbert is a writer and artist/illustrator. She studied at Exeter College of Art and her writing, art and photography has been exhibited and published around the world. She grew up in Greenland, but is now living by the sea in Cornwall, where she writes a blog for the respected Newlyn School of Art. She has written several books on exploration, women’s history and visual culture; her most recent being the award-winning, international bestseller Explorers’ Sketchbooks , co-authored with her husband Huw Lewis-Jones. When not traveling in wild and woolly places, Kari can usually be found creating artworks in her leaky garage.

Hardcover: 144 pages

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