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Papunya Tie — Damien and Nyinkalya Marks
Papunya Tie — Damien and Nyinkalya Marks

Papunya Tie — Damien and Nyinkalya Marks

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This beautiful image depicts the sandhills of Damien’s country, Mount Liebig, towards Papunya. When you see the hills from a distance, the wind blows through the sand, making the hills move and change form. The wind makes ripples, undulations and ridges in the sand in the same shapes and patterns that can be seen in this painting. These sandhills are a common sight around Papunya – some of the hills are so large they can only be walked across. In between the sandhills are dry claypans and rockholes.

About Better World Arts

Better World Arts has been operating for over two decades. Initially, they worked with traditional handicrafts. In 1996 they invited Aboriginal artists to join their projects and soon after decided to focus on the Aboriginal art side of the projects. They now work with Australian Aboriginal artists from remote communities across Australia, from Arnhem Land to Central and the Western Desert regions, from rural locations and from cities.

About the artists

Damien and Nyinkalya Marks often paint together to create beautiful, vibrant collaborative works. Nyinkalya is a Pitjantjatjarawoman from Ernabella in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara/Yankunytjatjara Lands, South Australia. And is a talented batik artist as well as a painter.

Damien is a Walpiri man from Haast’s Bluff, 300km north-west of Alice Springs and comes from a long line of painters. Damien and Nyinkalya have lived in many communities across Australia and have exhibited extensively.


100% Silk Satin with cotton padding and silk lining.