Aleida Pullar — Glazed Beaker

Aleida Pullar — Glazed Beaker

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In this series the same glaze is applied over different clay bodies, while cobalt oxide is used as the medium for painting, rubbing and stamping marks on surfaces. The variability of firing is an important part, resulting in unique outcomes for each individual piece. 

About the Artist

Aleida's practice is based out of her studio in Avoca Beach, NSW. She explores many aspects of the landscape, working with folds in the thrown wall of a bowl, layering glaze washes after a bisque …ridges, valleys, windbreaks, rocks, trees and fields which become the energy for her surface treatment. Experimenting with pattern making, her pieces often incorporate dots and dashes, grids, landscape lines and an occasional fish swimming by.


Porcelain, Copper oxide glaze


Approx. 70mm diameter, 70mm high