Bronwyn Oliver Strange Things by Hannah Fink

Bronwyn Oliver Strange Things by Hannah Fink

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"I wanted to write an old fashioned art book, one that tells the story of the artist’s life from beginning to end, but I also wanted to write about the creative process - how Bronwyn made things, why she made them. What drives someone to make art?" Hannah Fink 

About the artist: 

Born on a farm near Gum Flat in Northern New South Wales, Oliver grew up in country-town Inverell. She won the Travelling Art Scholarship to study sculpture at Chelsea Art School in London, returning to win numerous awards including the Moët & Chandon Fellowship.

While many of her contemporaries began making installation art, Oliver worked within the traditional discipline of sculpture. She was an intensely ambitious artist whose works seem to grapple almost effortlessly with the big questions of life. Her organic yet strangely human sculptures are coveted by collectors for their eloquent beauty.

Bronwyn’s aim was not to create beautiful things for their own sake. The beauty of her objects comes from the thinking behind them. Oliver’s death ten years ago cast a shadow over her work and her personality. The woman that emerges from this book is intelligent, funny, modest, hard-working, and, in the words of Roslyn Oxley, "never boring".

About the author: 

Hannah Fink is the editor of THE LOT. She has edited various publications, including Art AsiaPacific, and is the author of Strange Things: Bronwyn Oliver (Piper Press, 2017).

Extensively illustrated and beautifully designed, this book is well priced for the art student as well as the general reader.

Hardcover: 240 pages

Dimensions: 28 x 23.5 cm