Jane Hodgetts — Fossil Necklace

Jane Hodgetts — Fossil Necklace

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The Fossil Necklace is a unique statement piece. Handcrafted from brass and patterned with a repeated circular pattern, the design is reminiscent of a found fossil. 

Set on a handmade sterling silver chain, each link of the chain is carefully handcrafted and individually hammered to create an organic shape and texture. The entire chain is slightly oxided (blackened) to emphasise the texture. 

Traces of process, irregular shapes, hammer marks and naturally pertained brass are all signature features of Jane Hodgetts' work and no two pieces are identical.

About the Maker

Each individual piece is handmade by artisan Jane Hodgetts in her studio in Hobart, Tasmania.

With a Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts, Jane uses her skills and insight as an artist, particularly the textures and mark making of a printmaker, to develop work that is far from the polished jewellery of the mainstream.

The handcrafted pieces show traces of process, irregular shapes, hammer marks, naturally pertained brass and rubbed back painted surfaces. It is the acceptance of the imperfections in her work that Jane considers a subtle rebellion against the more polished mainstream, that she considers its strength and uniqueness.


Sterling silver, brass detail


Approx. 93mm wide x 48mm high