When Water Lost Her Way by Meg Humphrys
When Water Lost Her Way by Meg Humphrys

When Water Lost Her Way by Meg Humphrys

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Lost in her ever-changing forms, 'Water' questions who she is after an encounter with a creature in an underground cave. Water seeks all parts of her cycle for answers, which makes her feel overwhelmed and confused. However an 'old tree' helps her to understand her place in the world and her many interconnections with all living and non-living things.

Written from the point of view of Water, the story follows the character's journey through the water cycle, prompted by Water's questions: Where do I belong? Why am I here? And where am I going? The effective premise gives way to weaving - potentially dry scientific - details of the water cycle into a poetic and whimsical story of self-realisation.

A story about the water cycle suitable for children aged 3 and above.

About the Author

Meg has worked professionally as an exploration geologist, in groundwater management of the Murray Darling Basin and in sustainability and wastewater management. Her passion for integrated water management and the value of education as a foundation to create change and live more sustainably has led Meg to develop this project. Meg lives on Millowl (Phillip Island) ,Victoria with her family.


Softcover: 34 pages

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