Yurni Sadariah - 'Solong 2023' canvas totebags
Yurni Sadariah - 'Solong 2023' canvas totebags
Yurni Sadariah - 'Solong 2023' canvas totebags

Yurni Sadariah - 'Solong 2023' canvas totebags

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For The Soils Project, Yurni has experimented with ways of expressing and preserving her communities local indigenous knowledge by printing local phrases onto tote bags. Each tote bag contains a message of the importance of preserving Paser language, customary forest practices, and traditional knowledge.

The tote bag is inspired by Solong, Rangan’s traditional basket made by weaving rattan that has been gathered from the forest. Yurni aims to reinterpret the Solong spirit into a canvas bag, utilising literal local language to represent practices and values of the Paser Adat community. Meanwhile, the stickers will be the vessel of introducing and spreading Paser local language to the general public.

All proceeds go directly to the Indigenous communities involved in The Soils Project. These tote bags are featured as part of Yurni Sadariah's installation.

About the Artist

Yurni Sadariah is an ‘Adat’ (Indigenous) activist and member of PEREMPUAN AMAN (the Women’s Association of the ‘Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago.) She is a part of the Paser community in Rangan, East Kalimantan and founder of the School of Adat, inviting young people to learn indigenous customs, traditions and ecology while regrowing local seeds to preserve their knowledge about herbal medicinal plants. 

Photos 2 & 3: Andrew Curtis




25cm x 28cm