Better World Arts — Greeting Cards (various designs)
Better World Arts — Greeting Cards (various designs)
Better World Arts — Greeting Cards (various designs)
Better World Arts — Greeting Cards (various designs)

Better World Arts — Greeting Cards (various designs)

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These vibrant greeting cards depict original Australian Aboriginal art work and are perfect for any occasion. 

Each card is blank inside with the artist profile printed on the back of the card. Cards sold individually, envelope included. 

About the Art

Yam and Bush Tomato Dreamings by Paddy Stewart:
This painting shows the Yam and Bush Tomato Dreamings. You can see the Yams and the small round berries of the Bush Tomatoes. The place associated with this Dreaming is west of Yuendumu. In the Dreamtine the people used to eat these fruits and vegetables, just as our old people lived off them. What I have painted here is the Dreamtime Yams and Bush Tomatoes. I painted them here for the children to see.

Narangga people on The Yorke Peninsula by Cedric Varcoe
In 2015 Cedric received a grant from Arts SA for professional development workshops with Better World Arts. During these workshops Cedric studied colour theory, life drawing and did a lot of research into Ngarrindjeri history and culture at the South Australian Museum. In 2016 Cedric received another grant from Arts SA to continue his research and this time delve into his Narangga ancestry and stories. This painting is a combination of a variety of Narangga stories Cedric explored at this time. 

The Granites by Cedric Varcoe
Ngurunderi came down the river with his two sons, who he lost in the scrub after hunting emus with them. He walked around looking for them. When near Kingston S.E. he met an old magic man who had captured his sons. They had a war fight with magic and weapons. Ngurunderi won the fight and burnt the magic man’s body the old way, the flames turned his body into 3 rocks. The rocks are called ‘The Granites’ in English, and can be seen on the Coorong today.

Kurlkura trees by Rosie Nangala Flemming
Rosie has depicted kurlkura trees in her country, Warlukurlangu, south of Yuendumu. The trees are shown in flower. The country offers a big water soakage (Ngapa) and is a place of rest for Nampijinpa/Jampijinpa/Nangala/Jangala skin groups.