Walka Wiru Silk Tie — Phyllis Donegan
Walka Wiru Silk Tie — Phyllis Donegan
Walka Wiru Silk Tie — Phyllis Donegan
Walka Wiru Silk Tie — Phyllis Donegan
Walka Wiru Silk Tie — Phyllis Donegan

Walka Wiru Silk Tie — Phyllis Donegan

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Donegan’s painting ‘Walka Wiru Ngura Wiru’ transports us across the vast desert country surrounding the Tomkinson Ranges near the artist’s home community of Kalka, in the far north-western reaches of South Australia.

The painting’s title, ‘Walka Wiru Ngura Wiru’ translates into English as, ‘lovely country, lovely drawing’.

Through her skilful use of layering and tonal graduation, Donegan’s work creates an immersive experience – her paint appears to vibrate above the surface of the canvas creating a mesmerising optical effect. In this way, the artist breathes life into the undulating tali (sandhills) and puli (rocky hills) that characterise the sprawling desert country of her homelands.

About One of Twelve

One of Twelve is an Australian organisation that showcases the work of emerging and established artists from the Asia Pacific region. We are dedicated to celebrating and contributing to the art sector of this region through the production of high quality, silk garments that depict collaborating artists work. These unique pieces are each accompanied by an artist card, detailing the maker’s work and practice.

About the artist

Phyllis Donegan was born in 1973 in Milyirrtjarra (Warburton), on Ngaanyatjarra Country. She is the youngest daughter of fellow Ninuku artist and 2010 National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award (NATSIAA) recipient Jimmy Donegan. Her mother was an accomplished member of the Tjanpi Desert Weavers.

Donegan now works across both of her parents’ mediums, collaborating with her mother and sisters among others on the iconic, ‘Tjanpi Grass Toyota’, winner of the 2005 NATSIAA. Donegan started painting professionally around this time.

The artist’s paintings are characterised by swales of zig-zagging line work rendered in subtle tonal gradients, depicting the iconography associated with her ancestral Tjukurpa (Dreaming stories) – Kungkarangkalpa Tjukurpa (Seven Sisters Dreaming) and Wati Kutjara Tjukurpa (Two Men Dreaming).


100% Silk Satin with cotton padding and silk lining.